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Moving your

issues forward.

government and public affairs

Moving your issues forward.

We leverage our 20 years of government and public affairs experience, and take your issues from your community straight to decision makers. Whatever size business, non-profit or organization, trust FGA to move your issues forward in the Capitol. We know how Sacramento works so you don’t have to.

Work based on your needs.

As a small firm, we can take the time to tailor every strategy to your needs, so we can be just as efficient as you run your operations. Whether it’s effecting legislation before it becomes law, influencing California’s $120 Billion state budget, or working with bureaucrats after new laws have been made, we’ll move your issue forwards through sweat equity and smart strategy.

Public Policy Analysis & Engagement

FGA represents clients at all levels of State Government. Each year 120 Legislators introduce 1000’s of bills that have an impact on FGA clients . Navigating the complex process for moving and stopping legislation in California can be a daunting task for anyone not engaged on a daily basis.

Budget Tracking & Advocacy

California lawmakers introduce 1000’s of bills every calendar year. None, perhaps, are more important than the dozens of budget and budget trailers bills and subcommittee hearings that examine these bills and the Governor’s budget proposals. FGA provides clients regular communication and analysis of budget issues.

Regulatory Consulting & Advocacy

Anyone doing business in California knows that Government interaction is not limited to the legislature and State Capitol. FGA stays in direct contact with the many state agencies, commissions, boards and departments. We also have a long working history with staff and career buracrats who drive regulatory action.

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