Fanslau Government Affairs

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Public Policy Analysis & Engagement

FGA represents clients at all levels of State Government. Each year 120 Legislators introduce 1000’s of bills that have an impact on FGA clients . Navigating the complex process for moving and stopping legislation in California can be a daunting task for anyone not engaged on a daily basis. FGA clients benefit from decades of experience working in and around the Legislature . You can be sure we will keep you up to speed on what’s happening and design lobbying strategies to intervene on your behalf that move your issue forward. FGA gives you up-to-date intelligence so that our strategies are well informed and timely.

Direct Lobbying | Committee Monitoring | Testimony Preparation
Legislative Tracking | Policy Analysis

Budget Tracking & Advocacy

California lawmakers introduce 1000’s of bills every calendar year. None, perhaps, are more important than the dozens of budget and budget trailers bills and subcommittee hearings that examine these bills and the Governor’s budget proposals. FGA provides clients regular communication and analysis of budget issues. We are constantly monitoring the budget process to help move your budget requests forward while also keeping a sharp eye for items that may impact your business or organization.

Regulatory Consulting & Advocacy

Anyone doing business in California knows that Government interaction is not limited to the legislature and State Capitol. FGA stays in direct contact with the many state agencies, commissions, boards and departments. We also have a long working history with staff and career buracrats who drive regulatory action.

Digital Advocacy

Want to move your issue forward and ensure greater share of voice? FGA digital services can amplify your message to legislators and the people and groups they listen to.

Customized Website Development | Digital Advertising
Social Media Education | Issue Explainer Videos | Collateral Development

Crisis Intervention

Crisis can and will come. How you and your organization prepare and respond when it happens will mean the difference between a managed and handled crisis and a catastrophe. Rapid response backed by a strategic plan is what you need. That’s why FGA offers clients an experienced team that will engage quickly to protect your brand, your revenues and your reputation.