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About FGA

“My clients are people who are doing BIG things. My job is to make sure you get to keep doing that. We need to make sure government doesn’t get in your way, and when possible, actually helps you succeed.”

Justin Fanslau, President, Fanslau Government Affairs

Moving your issues forward

Justin Fanslau’s reputation for success comes from 20 years of moving clients’ issues forward. With over 20 years of government affairs, public relations, crisis intervention and campaign experience, Justin has a proven track record of grasping issues big and small and designing a strategic approach to get results for his clients.

Justin honed his political skill and work ethic after serving as staff in the California legislature and in the private sector working for large, international and boutique lobbying shops. Justin realized there are no shortcuts– lobbying is all about hard work and sweat equity. In 2018, he opened his own firm Fanslau Government Affairs to focus on helping clients find versatile and strategic action plans tailored to their problems and opportunities.

No shortcuts

Justin employs the tried and true skills of combining policy work and navigating the complicated nature of government to make sure clients are well positioned for any situation. He represents clients in the Legislature, during the budget process, procurement and in state and local agencies. With experience and understanding in all issues, Justin specializes in energy and the environment, technology, healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, alcohol, tobacco and gaming policies. Navigating the relationship between business and labor in California can be complicated. Justin has vast knowledge of California’s labor world having worked for some of the state’s most powerful construction trade unions. As a former staffer in the legislature for then Assemblymember Toni Atkins and now pro-tempore for the State Senate, Justin knows the value of having a broad and accurate knowledge of various policy issue areas and has honed his skills and contacts to include every committee within the legislative process. Justin keeps up with what’s going on so you don’t have to.

Versatility: Solutions based on your needs

No situation is exactly the same, which is why solutions need to be based on your needs. Justin is well suited to help clients of any size. He’s helped startups disrupt markets and Fortune 500 companies find new markets; he’s helped nonprofits develop new resources for the most underserved and under- represented through grassroots organizing and employed multi-million dollar campaigns to help major companies expand their service footprint in the nation-state of California. Each client is different, and regardless of size, Justin tailors a program of policy and advocacy work to make sure you succeed. “I recognize that you, the client deserve my attention and prompt strategic action.”

Value of Service

Justin has been committed to service in his work and in his community. He was founding members on the Sacramento Mayor’s Tech Council and is a steering committee member for the annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event sponsored by WEAVE. A former Team Leader and Corps Member for AmeriCorps

NCCC, Fanslau served and was trained as a wild land fire fighter and disaster response coordinator where he served two years on wild fires, hurricane and typhoon relief efforts. Justin is married to the love his life Sophia and lives in Natomas in the City of Sacramento.